1994  Born in Lagos, Nigeria
2014  Bsc. Architecture, University of Lagos

Solo exhibitions
2014  Photographs, A Whitespace Creative Agency, Lagos
2015  L’Ouverture I&II, STRANGER, Lagos 
2015  Half Current, A Whitespace Creative Agency, Lagos
2016  Before and After Science, the Africa Centre, UK 
2016  Negro in the sacred idiom, A Whitespace Creative Agency, Lagos

Group Shows
2015  Another, LagosPhoto Festival, Lagos
2015  L’Ouverture III, ART21 ‘Platform’, Lagos
2016  Dey Your Lane: Lagos Variations, Brussels
2017  Dey Your Lane: Lagos Variations at the Lagos at 50 Expo, Lagos
2017  Afrikulture Group Showcase, Lagos
2017  New African Photography II, NATAALXRedHookLabs, New York
2017  Foam X AAF, Foam Talents at Foam 3h, Amsterdam
2017  Human Encounters, No Commission Berlin, Berlin
2017  Unseen Amsterdam Fair, Amsterdam
2017  Another, ARTXLagos, Lagos
2017  Change Your Style, LagosPhoto Festival, Lagos
2017  Afrofuturism, Bamako Biennale, Mali
2018  Memory is a Box of Repeated Items, AT WORK, ARTHouse Foundation, Lagos
2018  Afrofuturism, TropenMuseum, Amsterdam
2018  Gbam! Unearthing and Becoming, SMO x AWCA, The Wheatbaker, Lagos

Curated Shows
2016  New Wave, STRANGER Lagos
2018  Home is Here, The Maker Lab, AAF, Lagos

2017  Spring Session: ARTHouse Foundation, Lagos

2016  BozarBooks/Snoeck: Dey Your Lane! Lagos Variations
2017  Indiana University Press: Transition ‘On Fear’ 05/123
2018  MoonMan Studios: Edition E
2018  Nataal Issue One: Future Gaze